Travel agency management tool

Travel agency management tool

Everest travel agency has a large portfolio of tours across the world that people can book. They are looking to grow their customer base but don’t know how to make sense of their data. Jane as an agency manager, she find it very difficult to use the legacy management tool they currently have...and she needs to do a lot of manual work! In this case study, I will walk you through my design process as a freelance product designer for Everest. πŸ‘‡

Project overview:

B2B β†’ Business management tool.


UX Research, UX Design, and UI Design


Adobe XD, Sketch, Muzli, Custellence (for user journeys)

πŸ—―οΈ The Problem -Not being able to grow the customer base -No data visualization that enables someone at the travel company to visualize their tour bookings.

🎯 Goals Build a management tool that enables the travel agency to grow its customer base, and to be able to use the available data in a meaningful way.


01 Understanding

  • MVP / Define scope
  • General requirements
  • Requirements List
  • Build personas

MVP / Define Scope

  • Focusing on the visualization experience that makes sense of the sales - ignoring global or product navigational structures that might exist outside of the visualization.
  • The interactivity of the visualization should enable the user to view the information yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily.
  • For each view, thinking about how to optimize the information presented at that level of detail.

General requirements

  • Each tour sold has a tour name, timestamp, location, tags, number of people booked, date of tour, and financial information (price, discount, reimbursement, etc.)

  • Agency managers should be able to increase advertising spend for tours which are not receiving enough traffic.

Requirements list

  • Reduce price
  • Offer a discount code
  • Rewrite the tour’s description
  • Increase spending on advertising
  • Increase advertising channels (Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram etc.)

πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€ User Personas

Persona NameUser typeRoleAge RangeLocationBioCharacteristicsGoalsFrustrationsDigital print
Julia Spencer
Desktop spreadsheets docs user
Agency manager
Berlin, Germany
Julia has been working as an agency manager for 3 years. She was graduated from the School of Business and Economics in Paris, she loves travel, sports and cats. On a daily basis, she is dealing with customer queries and complaints, managing budgets, and maintaining statistical and financial records.
Organized, Practical, Analytical
β€’ To spend less +me managing tours. β€’ To narrow her op+ons quickly.
β€’Too much time spent on tours’ management. β€’ Not able to view and list bookings on a Monthly and weekly view. β€’ Not able to offer a discount or control tour prices.
Linkedin, Facebook

02 Research

  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Inspiration/ Industry best practices

Competitive benchmarking

Exploring the following online travel agency management tools:

  • Trekkso
  • Rezdy
  • Lemax
  • Toogo
  • Dolphin

Findings: Based on the competitive benchmarking and exploring similar designs and industry trends; agency management dashboards, usually have the following components: β€’ Sidebar navigation β€’ 3 cols β€’ Data visualization and charts β€’ Tables β€’ Desktop view β€’ Filter, Search

Stakeholder interviews

Interview questions: 1. How would you, personally, define success for this tool? 2. Using a few words, how do you describe your current experience with the old management tool? 3. What worries you about the agency management tool development? 4. What things do customers complain about or ask for most often, and why? 5. Do you have any running campaigns for the tours now, and how would you expect the new agency management tool to help you?

Industry trends and best design practices πŸ‘‡


03 Ideation

  • Journey mapping
  • User flows
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping

Journey mapping


Designing user flows


Designing wireframes


Final mockups

1- Tours / list view


2- Tours / grid view


3- Tour details


04 Testing

After designing the above mockups, I have created an interactive prototype and started testing it with Jane and with some other stakeholders in the travel agency.

I gathered some feedback and I did some final changes to the initial designs to make ready for development handoff.

Thank you for reading...

Made with πŸ–€, #Notion and #AdobeXD by Loay Hassan