👋  Hey, I’m LO!

👋  Hey, I’m LO!

A lead product designer based in Berlin.

My name is Loay Youssef Hassan...I was born and raised in Egypt 🇪🇬 and I have more than 17 years of experience in commercial user interface and customer-focused digital design!

I moved to Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪  late 2018 and I am currently working as a Senior Product Designer at Flink!

A part of my daily work at Flink; is facilitating research studies and team workshops, working with design systems, creating compelling user experiences, and guiding product decisions through user research and iterative feedback loops.

I work with product leaders in “Last Mile” on defining high impact product opportunities, designing end to end solution for our rider app and hub portals.

I am very passionate about UX Design, Design Thinking, Interaction Design, UX Research, Design Systems, and VR/AR technology …and I love inspiring and guiding people.

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🙌  Key skills:

👨 UX Design & Research

Building highly polished digital products from discovery to delivery; starting from conducting user research and developing a deep understanding of the users, user interviews, designing user flows, wireframing, concept ideation, facilitating workshops and design sprints, working with product leaders on outlining projects scope, prototyping and testing…and finally collaborating with engineers, designers, and data analysts to deliver creative and successful experiences.

🚀 Growth Design

I am not only focused on identifying users’ problems and understanding their behaviors, needs, and motivations; but also on identifying and driving growth outcomes for the business.

I care about the impact of my designs and I have been working on projects that were mainly focusing on growth goals.

👌 Mastering the tools

I use amazing tools like Figma, Sketch, Miro, Adobe XD, Zeplin, InVision, Lookback, Hotjar, UsabilityHub, Illustrator, Slack, Looker, Notion and Google docs to build, test, and share my designs.

🖖  My work:

In the past few years…I worked with other Designers, Product Managers, Devs, Marketing executives, Ops and BI engineers; to deliver amazing user experiences and products to our users!

During my work at Helpling…I worked on both consumer and service providers side; one of my main tasks, was to design a new app for the premium service providers, and I successfully enabled hundreds of them to make the best out of their work, by bringing transparency and efficiency to their daily lives.

In addition to my experience in product design, I am also very proud that during my employment at Yahoo, I was involved in the design and the implementation of many digital marketing campaigns for brands and companies like P&G, Mercedes, Peugeot, Renault, Kia, Paramount Pictures, Boss, Vodafone, Cocacola, Pepsi, Nestle, Unilever, Turkish Airlines, Volkswagen, Toyota, Allianz, T-mobile, Targo Bank, HP, Orange, Microsoft, Nike, Nissan, MasterCard, mediamarkt, Tchibo, Edeka; covering the EMEA market...🔥

Selected UX case studies:

In the selected UX case studies below; I went through my design process starting from identifying the problems, the product’s requirements, and Business goals...benchmarking and trend analysis, information architecture design, creating customer journey maps, and ending with wireframing, designing interactive prototypes, and user testing...👇

☕ Digital coffee machine app case study

This project is based on a 2-hour design sprint workshop that I have organized with my mentees.


UX Research, Workshop facilitator, and UI Design.


To design a digital solution that delivers a compelling user experience to control the coffee machine!


✈️ Travel agency management tool

In this case study, I designed a management tool that enabled a travel agency to grow its customer base, and to be able to use data in a meaningful way.

Project overview:

B2B → Business management tool.


UX Research, UX Design, and UI Design


🦠 The future of remote working

In this UX case study, I have set some foundations for designing a digital experience (an eco-system) that supports and eases the work in the home office and allows both employers and employees to work more efficiently.

In my research, I wasn’t only trying to discover the users’ goals, needs and motivations; but I was also trying to explore other dimensions, understand the big picture, and discover more about how this lockdown and change of culture could tremendously affect users’ behaviors. My goal…was to design a UX ecosystem that covers many dimensions of use!

👍  Previous experience:

🚴‍♀️ Senior Product Designer @Flink (Last Mile)

2022 - Present (Berlin, Germany)

🦄 Product Designer @Helpling

2018 - 2022 (Berlin, Germany)

Helpling is the leading marketplace for cleaning and household services in Europe. My role includes initiating, planning and conducting user research... building design systems, creating user storyboards, wireframes, customer journey maps, prototypes, and polished mockups.

I was also working on validating my design solutions through user research and monitoring customer and business impact, then iterating as needed.

👨🏻‍💻 Senior UX Designer @CloudConcept

2017 - 2018 (Cairo, Egypt)

Cloud Concept is a software company based in Dubai, UAE. I was working with the product team on building a b2b platform that is basically helping SMEs to find work and source suppliers in their local marketplaces.

I was involved in the product roadmap planning, competitive benchmarking, designing the information architecture and the user flows, and finally designing and testing the product MVP.

I have also conducted many usability tests, surveys, focus groups, and contextual analysis in order to discover opportunities for the new product.

🌟 Senior Creative Designer & UX Consultant @Raya

2014 - 2017 (Cairo, Egypt)

Raya Holding is managing a diversified investment portfolio of 11 line of businesses in the various industries of e-payment, information technology, contact center, smart buildings, consumer electronics, food and beverage, land transport, PET remanufacturing and FMCG. Working as a Senior Creative Designer and UX consultant at Raya; allowed me to work on many projects like: developing concepts for advertising and promotional campaigns, designing different mobile apps and products, improving and re-designing landing pages for different businesses, optimizing landing pages and checkout experience for different digital products; not to mention increasing sales by designing digital marketing campaigns and building dedicated micro-websites for those products.

😎 Advertising Technology Specialist @Yahoo

2011 - 2013 (Cairo, Egypt)

My role as an Advertising Technology Specialist was basically delivering global processes that enable technical execution of all display advertising solutions across the Yahoo! EMEA network. I have also provided support for the Ad Ops teams in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, and Ireland on day-to-day ad-related issues and train them on executing common display advertising solutions and managed the implementation of rich media ad campaigns from a technical operations standpoint.

😎 Design mentorship and community

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I am a mentor on Amazing Design People List.

Book a 15 min session with me; and get feedback on your resume, portfolio, and ask questions about UX career, and job interview process...

☕ I’m doing Portfolio Reviews, and Career Advice.

💬 I speak English, Standard Arabic.

🗓️ Limited time slots 😊.

⌨️ I have expertise in Product (UI/UX), Interaction Design.


Join my design community [NoPixel]:

A lot of beginner designers are asking about where to start…, which tools they should be using to design, how they can build prototypes, how they can use components, export files, work with shapes, grids, and how to design for different devices or platforms.

So I decided to start a UX design community where I can share my experience with other designers 🔥 😎…and where I try to cover as many topics as possible… by creating video materials on 📺 Youtube and other learning materials to be shared on the Discord and #Slack communities...All related to Product Design, UX Design, design workflow, and Design stuff in general...

What you get?

  • Join the community on Discord.
  • Review your portfolio website, and get feedback on your designs.
  • Share knowledge and resources with the community.
  • Learn UX Design, and UX Research.
  • Attend free workshops, and get your hands dirty!
  • Find your mentor.
  • Check the latest Community picks ➪ curated only for you!
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