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and ask questions about UX career, job interview process...
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I am happy to be your mentor!

Duration: 45-60 mins X 5 sessions

šŸ“„ Get advise and feedback on your resume, cover letter, portfolio, and job hunting šŸ¹ (also related to the German market).
šŸ’‡ Walkthrough your design process and tools you are using!
šŸ™Œ Get your hands dirty and start working on some assignments
šŸ’¼ Discuss job search or interview related questions.
šŸŽ Continuous mentorship for free!

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Duration: 15 mins call is a global community for designers, by designers - an initiative connecting designers with jobs and mentorships.
ā˜• Iā€™m mentoring Portfolio Review, Career Advice.
šŸ’¬ I speak English, Standard Arabic.
šŸ—“ļø Limited time slots
āŒØļø I have expertise in Product (UI/UX), Interaction Design.

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