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My name is Loay Youssef, I live in Cairo, Egypt. I am a UI/UX and Web Designer, HTML & CSS Enthusiast, Internet addict, Artist and Musician... I love Designing stuff, Drawing, Playing Guitars, Digital Art and Reading. I have read lots of studies in project management, modern marketing techniques and marketing cycles, entrepreneur business, communication skills, user experience and creative direction.

I make HTML5 websites optimized for tablets and mobiles, compatible with all modern browsers.

Why my websites are awesome?

- Clean and simple code, SEO friendly.
- Reach more audience as it's responsively designed and optimized for all smartphones.
- Click to call buttons on mobiles make easy for website users to contact.
- Easy and creative navigation.
- Affordable websites for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

What i know about

Website design, UI/UX design, website development, Android UI design, iOS UI design, front-end development, HTML5, Bootstrap, responsive web design, online advertising, MVC, Human Computer Interaction, eCommerce, wireframing, travel search engines, JavaScript, jQuery, ActionScript, SEO, flash animation, digital marketing, advertising technology, rich media online campaigns, mobile devices, graphics, cross-browsers compatibility, Google analytics, W3C web standards, web 2.0, Adobe creative suite, web applications, multimedia, social media, mobile internet, Smarty, creative technical production, digital media advertising, technical account management, CMS, graphic design, printing, interaction design, web analytics, social media marketing, blogging, Salesforce, CRM.

Selected Artwork

  • apparel, backpack design, Cairo, Egypt
    #apparel, #sketches
  • webDesign, Web Designer portfolio from Egypt
    #webDesign, #food
  • socialNetwork, Web Designer portfolio from Egypt
    #webDesign, #socialNetwork
  • branding, corporate identity design, printing, Cairo, Egypt
    #branding, #corporateIdentity
  • androidUI, Android designer from Egypt
    #androidApp, #mobile
  • drawing, illustrator artist from Egypt
    #drawing, #comics